1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

What a crock. 

1 step forward, 2 steps backOk, maybe that’s a bit blunt. But it’s true. That old adage is one of the biggest Gravity quotes around.  Yet we shrug our shoulders and use it to talk about progress, or rather to make excuses for lack thereof??  Um, say what?

So why am I off on my Rebel Ranting?

  • I was chatting with a new client about this fabulous product they’re creating that will obviously expand their market opportunity. He was telling me about his challenge.  Some folks internally are  fighting the new development tooth and nail. Why? Because it will disrupt their fiefdoms,  cause them to change their methods of doing and thinking. Sigh – Gravity Strikes.
  • Another friend of mine was complaining (her word) to me about constantly being redirected by her clients – to a different focus, a different priority, a different everything – based on the latest knee jerk reaction or new opportunity. Yes, distracted thinking is a form of Gravity – and constant shifts in direction cause the one step forward two steps back mentality.
  • In my own personal life I’m trying to buy a new ranch. The whacked nature of our market, the buyers who are simply insane, sellers who are confused and the whole process of real estate in the state of California is making me nuts. I spend more time fixing things and retracing steps than I do moving forward.

The above got me thinking.  About a lot of things – but two questions in particular.

  • How often do we accept the 1 step forward, 2 steps back approach as a truth and get ourselves stuck in Gravity thinking? Let’s face it, if that adage is true, we never move forward. So it can’t really be true.  But here’s the question. Do we accept  postponements and slow progress as a given, thanks to sayings and/or inherited thinking?
  • Are we programming ourselves to believe that progress has to be difficult? Including excuses for distractions and diversions and wavy lined thinking and doing?

So what about 1 step forward, 2 steps back thinking? I’m convinced it’s a crock.  How about you?

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