The Storm We Know

tornadoHow often do we know that there’s a storm coming right at us –   yet we just keep looking the other way?

Sometimes the storm is caused by something we’re doing that isn’t working anymore.  Sometimes it’s due to something we’re not doing – because we don’t want to face the change.

My question is –  why don’t we pay attention to the storms while they’re still building – instead of waiting until all heck breaks loose to adjust our course?

I suppose that’s human nature. We like the safe and known and comfortable -and we don’t like change.  Yet in today’s business world – change is the constant.  As our world and markets accelerate – we must adapt if we want to succeed.

I had an interesting situation with a client recently.  They have a fabulous opportunity in a new and fast growing market space.  That very space was created thanks to new buyers appearing on the horizon that needed their wares.  To take advantage of this opportunity – my client needed to adapt their go-to-market approaches.

They told me up front they knew that they needed to evolve to intercept the distribution model that best served this new market.  They had plans to hire a business development expert in that channel, and even had a plan for how they would move forward.  They’d had that plan for over nine months when I met them.

During that nine months – a couple of other vendors had entered this rapidly growing space, capturing the early adopters – and the market’s awareness.  My client had followed their progress, knew the ins and outs of their offering, their strategy, their strengths and their weaknesses.

My client knew everything about the storm that was coming at them – both the opportunity and the threat of competition.  They could describe it perfectly – discuss the various options on what might happen given  certain market events – they knew that storm.

And yet they were sitting dead in the water – analysing and discussing – even as the storm moved on them.

Don’t think this situation is unusual – it’s not.  We all know there are storms around our businesses.  We can name them and describe them.  But how often are we looking them straight on?

Here’s my question for you today.

What are you doing about your storm?

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