Leading with Humanity

Leading with HumanityAre you caught up in the technology of the times?  All the talk of Twitter tools, Klout algorithms, Facebook Timelines, better ways to collect and analyze our clicks and downloads, scheduling and buffering and pinning gives me a headache sometimes.

Technology doesn’t drive success.

It never has and it never will.  Our success comes from the human side of our business. Even when we’re surrounded by the best technology in the world – the human element drives all the decisions.

Humans buy and consume our offerings. Humans call our help desks to request support or guidance, more information or to upgrade their service.  Humans make the decisions about what to buy and from whom.

Whether you use or sell technology – success is all about focusing on our humanity.

We’re humans in business, not business professionals acting like humans. 

Our every decision is driven by our humanity.

Ask yourself. In your own personal or business experience, does technology….

  • Decide which product you buy, which vendor you trust?
  • Determine which communities you join and how you interact?
  • Select whose advice you follow when it comes to purchases?

Of course it doesn’t We make those decisions based on our human inclinations  even with all the facts and figures technology can give us.  Facts, figures, feeds, speeds do not drive business decisions. If the best products won in the market – many of our market leaders wouldn’t be in business.

Leading with Humanity

People buy from people they trust. People create communities with others like them. The human factor is compelling and controlling.

  • The time spent selecting that catchy social media tool for blasting out your new product or campaign isn’t going to drive success. Focus on solving your customers’ problems, making their lives easier, improving their world – that’s how you fuel everyone’s success.
  • Forget the sizzlin’ new video with all the whizbang animation and super star spokesman. Try sharing from your heart with your audience. Keep it simple and stay human. People listen to those who speak to them – not at them. That’s true for entrepreneurial and big honking businesses.
  • Instead of spending days pouring over that Customer Relationship Management system,  looking for leads. Try reaching out to the real people behind the data. Customers are human beings who want to solve problems – not database fields.

It probably sounds crazy for a gal with 30 + years in technology to say that technology isn’t the turbo jet for success.  Technology does have a critical role in business. Without it – you’re toast.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s the Holy Grail.

Today’s technology gives us the reach and range to touch our global audiences in ways we could only dream of even five years ago.  That’s the Wow behind technology.

But even with all that wow, we are all human. We make decisions based on beliefs, emotions, baggage and… the facts.  Which leaves one simple truth.

Our technology is an enabler.  Our humanity is what matters.

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