Neuroscience Matters: It’s All In Your Mind

Many folks ask me about neuroscience and what it can do for them specifically. So, for the next few days I’m going to share some key reasons why each of us should care about neuroscience as it applies to business and personal success.

It’s All in Your Mind

We’ve all heard the analogy between  our minds and the biggest supercomputers on the planet.  Our minds are huge computers – but we’re not the super logical processors we’ve all been led to believe. Anything but. That’s what we’re going to chat about today.

Think of your mind as a big supercomputer.

  • Your brain (the organ) is the hardware, like your laptop or tablet. That hardware is pre wired with some basic functions at birth. Neuroscience has learned that ~90% of the hardwiring at birth if fear-based. Which explains a lot about humanity, now doesn’t it? 
  • Your mind’s software (what I call mindware) is the set of programs that  run your brain. Each of us has our own unique set of mindware programs, developed based on our experiences, teachings and focus in life. No two sets of mindware are identical, and each of our mindware can and does change over time. 

Our mind computers  manage all of the information that we receive from our world, deciding what we need to respond to and what we can ignore.  The diagram below shows how the information flows.

The Computer in Your Mind

  • We receive over 11,000,000 bits of information per second from our senses. 
  • Our unconscious mindware uses its programs to pasre that massive amount of information down to 134 bits per second – which is the maximum our minds can handle. Our unconscious minds uses the processes of deletion, distortion and generalization to parse all that data. The mindware programs that guide these processes range from meta programs to values, beliefs and decisions. Each of us parses our information based on our specific programs and perspectives.  That explains why two people at the same ballgame remember different plays and so much more.
  • Our conscious mind only acts on and responds to the 134 bits/second that our unconscious mind selects. So we operate based on .0000122 percent of the total available information. Talk about selective focus!  By the way, we don’t process all that data as text or put it into a database.  It’s stored as images, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells. That’s why when you access a memory – it comes along as a picture accompanied by feelings and other senses.

That’s where neuroscience comes in.

Neuroscience and the Power of Your Program

Thanks to neuroscience, we now understand the programs that select the information we choose to perceive. By understanding those programs  – we can also upgrade and rewrite them to expand our perspectives, take in a broader range of information and literally shift how we see and operate in our world.  These mindware programs include our meta programs (wiring in place at birth that is later tuned and modified  by our experience), memories, decisions, attitudes and more.

For example, let’s say I have a program that says I can never start my own business because I tried once and failed. That program serves to select the data from my senses that supports that belief. My mindware literally crafts a self fulfilling prophecy by selecting information that matches my program.

We now have the power to upgrade our mindware program easily and effectively. I can change my belief to something like, “I can be successful at anything I choose.”   As that new program comes into play, my unconscious mindware will shift – selecting different information from my sensory inputs to match my new belief.  By rewriting and upgrading the programs that limit my thinking about a new business, I can literally shift my perspective. I’ll see new business opportunities, find facts that prove I can indeed do this business and I will move forward into creating a new business  thanks to the upgrade in my mindware.

The Bottom Line

Our unconscious mindware acts as a quantum filter for our world. Out of 11M bits of data/second, we select .0000122 percent to represent our reality. Consequently, we see what we expect to see, based on our very own programs.

By upgrading our mindware programs, we literally shift the information we recognize and process consciously about our world. When we shift the data, we also shift our perceptions and our ultimate reality.  Neuroscience gives us simple yet powerful practices to do just that, upgrading our mindware to guide us into our ultimate potential.

What if you could upgrade every program that bounds your perceptions and your potential?  What if you could see and act on new and exciting information in your stream? What program would you rewrite?

I’m happy to help you do just that. Ping me for a free session so that you, too can experience the power of neuroscience in your life!


  1. Rebel, I’m so happy that you are writing this series. It will allow me to give my brain a tune-up. I’ll be sharing this with my network.

    • rebel brown says:

      THANKs so much Dan. I apologize for my delayed response – technical comment difficulties with my new site…

      I’m having so much fun sharing the learning and knowledge of neuroscience and its practices. As you know – I believe this work is the next generation in performance and productivity for business, education, medicine and more. So honored and blessed to be able to share what Im learning = and after this summer I’ll have the highest trainng possible. SO excited.

      Thanks to you for supporting my work with your shares and comments!


  2. Superb post Rebel !
    I like how you are taking such a complex subject and making it so simple for us to digest.
    Leadership programs should tap more into this science so leaders can re-program their minds and spirits.
    Thanks for being there.

    • rebel brown says:

      Thanks for the big compliment Johann. Sorry its taken me so long to reply – my new site wasn’t lettiny me know about my comments. Then when I finally looked- I had 24000 of them including SPAM SPAM and more SPAM. Sigh. Somebody forgot to set up the SPAM guard. OOPS.

      Anyway – my apologies. I am So thrilled that you’re enjoying my shares. As you can tell, I am passionate about all of this learning. It makes sense of SO many things about we humans! Amnd Im even more excited to go back to school this summer to learn more and then be certified as a trainer in these amazing practices.!

      I so appreciate your comments! If you have anything specific you’d like to explore – let me know and we’ll do a focused post about whatever it is that interests you!


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